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                   Saturday, August 9, 2014 7:54AM CST

St. Louis metro area storms - Wednesday, August 6

30 Years of Storm Photography
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EXPEDITION VIDEO: St. Louis metro area storm - Wednesday, August 6

A pair of strong storms developed and moved through the St. Louis area on Wednesday, August 6. I initially chose the easternmost of the two, which inexplicably failed to really take off as the western storm did. This was the eastern storm's appearance at O'Fallon, Illinois, just before I bailed on it to go after the western cell heading toward the Alton-Edwardsville area:

I caught the western storm moving through Wood River. The bowing gust front led the precip core by a wide margin, with a "mothership" supercell-like appearance from the east:

The leading edge of the gust front featured a strongly rotating eddy that would have been concerning if not for the outflow already undercutting the feature:

I encountered likely severe-criteria winds as the storm's core overtook me (a clip of this is in the video above), but I did not see any major damage aside from copious leaves stripped from trees. Tree damage and power outages were reported from the storm in Florrisant, however. The lightning on the back end of the storm was photogenic, so I stopped for 20 minutes to grab a few shots as darkness fell:

I saw that storm while on a bike ride. It had a strange color to it due to it being around sunset so the rain shaft looked kind of tan. Fortunately I was far enough north not to get hit by it but hey, if it did hail, at least I had a helmet!
- Posted by Tim
Did you see that storm last night (8-20). It was quite a photogenic storm. Just about everyone I know took awesome pictures. There were gust fronts 2 days in a row as well. Time for a heat wave but hey, it's better than brutal cold, right?
- Posted by Tim

30 Years of Storm Photography
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