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                   Thursday, December 4, 2014

What today's internet culture says to content creators

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I've finally understood what internet culture is saying to content creators like me. For any of you new photographers, cameramen, writers, artists and musicians, here are their demands, all spelled out in black and white for you. And no, I'm not making ANY of these up - these all are aggregated from actual comments I've read and heard in discussions:

Internet Culture says to the content creator:

  • We want you to entertain us.
  • We want you to produce things for us to enjoy.
  • We want you to buy your own equipment and cover all of your production and travel expenses.
  • We want you to take unpaid time off of work from your regular job to do this.
  • After you have produced your content, we want you to give it to us for free.
  • You are not permitted to financially benefit from your content, or even recover your costs. We will vilify you as a greedy capatalist if you:
    • place ads on your content
    • sell your content
    • try to enforce your copyright
  • Not only that, but you must allow others to take your content for free and use it for their benefit and profit, even large multi-million dollar corporations and entertainment companies.
  • Don't worry if companies and other individuals are making a healthy profit from your content while you're still working a day job. Get over it! Just be happy and grateful that others are enjoying your work. That's what art and creativity is supposed to be all about.
  • If you can't recover your costs or make a living from your work in spite of all of this, you just aren't good enough.
  • If you're out of funding for your production costs, that's your problem. You figure it out. Get another job, max out a credit card, or something.
  • You are going to abide by our demands, and you are going to like it. You will be grateful that others used your work and gave you exposure. We don't care if that exposure doesn't really have any benefit for you.
  • If you object to any of our demands, we will rain fire down on you in the form of berating, cursing, humiliation, dislikes and even more copyright infringement in any and all forms.
  • So, get to it! Hurry, we want to be entertained, and we don't have all day.
So, there you have it! If you've been puzzled by what the voice of internet culture is saying to content creators, hopefully that clears everything up.

Wow, just wow. Who are they to tell you whether or not you can benefit from your own work?
- Posted by Tim

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