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Great Plains Storm Expedition Log : May 30, 2001

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Wednesday, May 30

After a short night's sleep in Oklahoma City, we headed south toward yet another Moderate Risk area near Ardmore in southern OK, stopping at the NSSL in Norman along the way (left and right).

After a quick lunch at Taco Bueno in Ardmore, we went east of town and waited several hours for storms that never formed. We finally headed north into the Arbuckle Mountains where several nice cells were starting to fire. By now things were beginning to look good in several spots, so the team split up into two groups - one staying with the Wynnewood, OK storms and the other heading towards Atoka, OK to try and intercept a tornadic storm there.

The cell near Atoka looked promising, so we drove east to Daisy and waited it out. By now it was dark, and our only view of the storm was by the frequent flashes of lightning. Eventually we ended up pulling over and shooting some lightning before heading north for an overnight stay in McAlester.

Lightning near Daisy, OK. In the second photo, lightning reflects in the side windows of chase Unit #1:

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