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Winter weather brings highway dangers: Icy roads responsible for numerous accidents
January 21, 2007

ABOVE: A pickup truck loses control and wrecks on the I-64 bridge at the Oakwood Road interchange on Sunday morning.

EXPEDITION VIDEO: Wrecks on I-64 caught on camera: Watch Video Clip

VIDEO EXTRA: Close-up video of accident impact and airbag deployment

CHARLESTON, WV - Snow, sleet, and freezing rain brought the entire spectrum of winter weather to most of the Mountain State on Sunday morning. Numerous accidents resulted as roads turned slick due to a covering of snow and ice.

Sunday morning, we finally received our first winter weather event here in Charleston this year (the second one this season), but even it failed to give us our first 1"+ snowfall of the season. However, with temperatures at the start of the event in the upper 20s, the snow initially stuck to the roads. The off-and-on moderate snow lasted for over two hours, from around 6:30AM to 9AM, before changing to a fluctuating sleet/freezing rain combination which lasted the remainder of the afternoon. Temperatures rose steadily all day, and by evening we were well above freezing with most of the snow cover already melted away.

This event was the first in what could turn out to be a string of numerous winter weather episodes for West Virginia in the coming month.

BELOW: Vehicles spin out on the I-64 bridge at Oakwood Road in Charleston.

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