Storm Highway by Dan Robinson
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Storm Highway by Dan RobinsonClick for an important message
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Double Rainbow over the St. Louis Arch - Fine Art & Stock Photography

It is rare for an especially vivid double rainbow to appear in St. Louis to create this blend of natural and man-made arches - but months of persistence was rewarded with capturing this display on a spring evening in 2010. - Dan

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Arch rainbow panorama
#C-3880P2 - Arch rainbow wide angle
Double rainbow down through Arch center
#C-3863 - Double rainbow down through Arch center
Arch south leg and bright rainbow
#C-3892 - Arch south leg and bright rainbow
Centered rainbow and Arch
#C-3894 - Centered rainbow and Arch
South leg closeup with rainbow background
#C-3960 - South closeup
Wide view with grass and trees
#C-3862 - Wide view with grass and trees
Vertical of north leg
#C-3924 - North leg
Scene framed by trees
#C-3870 - Scene framed by trees
Arch top closeup
#C-3929 - Arch top closeup
North leg and top view
#C-3920 - North leg and top view
Rainbow and arch centered
#C-3887W - Rainbow and arch centered

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