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                   Monday, July 14, 2008 - 4:21PM EDT

Storm Chasing & Photography Expedition 2008 Photos & Summary

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PHOTO GALLERY: Storm Chasing & Photography Expedition 2008
VIDEO CLIP 1: Perry, Oklahoma tornadoes - May 24
VIDEO CLIP 2: Pratt, Kansas tornado - May 26

Better late than never - a busy June kept me from getting to this as soon as I'd have liked. This weekend I went through the couple thousand photos I shot during the chase in May, and picked 100 to post here.

Unlike my previous chases, I don't plan on writing chase reports for each individual day. This is mainly because it's been so long that I don't remember enough details to write much of an accurate log, without going back and looking at GPS logs, timestamps, maps, storm reports, etc. That's just too much work, so I'm just going to offer a quick summary of the trip. If you're interested in details of a particular day, my 2008 storm season blog archive has a little more info from each chase that I posted from the road.

I teamed up with veteran observer Warren Faidley as a driver on a four-day chase tour chase, departing from Amarillo, Texas on the 22nd and returning on the 25th. We covered ground in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, the highlight of which was capturing three tornadoes on May 24 near Perry, Oklahoma. My tour guests, Shrenik and Rashmi from India, were a blast to chase with. The entire group and I had a great time, and I'm looking forward to doing more of this in the future. After the tour was finished, I solo covered my way back east through Oklahoma and Kansas, capturing another tornado near Pratt on the 26th after meeting up with good friends Dave Crowley, Justin Teague and Greg McLaughlin.

This will of course 'wrap up' the 2008 spring storm season feature of this blog. This season was a cliffhanger in terms of my ability to embark on a chase at all, but things worked out well in the end. I give credit and thanks to the Lord for not only allowing me to have a storm chase expedition this year, but making it a safe and successful one. Stay tuned for next spring!

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