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                   Saturday, November 1, 2008 - 4:25PM

New River Gorge: Long Point trail

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Another clear morning and midday for yet another run up to the Gorge. I got a good clear-sky session in just in time before cirrus moved in. This is my favorite vantage point, Long Point trail - which has the best view of the bridge. Again at the edge of a 100-foot plus cliff, I shot a huge panorama sequence (~30 frames) here that I'm anxious to assemble. But since my quad-core is at the downtown office now and I don't have a key to the building yet, that will have to wait until sometime later. My old 1Ghz machine here at home would take a week to render the final image. For now, here is a 5-frame panorama (that took 25 minutes to render on my old PC):

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Lightning scar on Long Point:

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Endless Wall (where I was on Thursday), viewed from Long Point. This scene looks better (more front-lit) in the late afternoon when sunlight is coming in from the west.

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The New River Dries from Route 16 at Cotton Hill. The Dries is the low-water part of the New between the Hawks Nest Dam and the hydro plant tunnel outlet downstream.

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Long Point, at a lower (and safer) angle back from the cliff edge:

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beautiful photos. lucky you get to see this place in the fall. id kill to be able to take some photos here in the fall.
- Posted by zohib from Canada

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