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                   Sunday, November 29, 2009 - 8:08PM

Moving sale/giveaway; misc updates

25 Years of Storm Observing
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Items for sale/free

With most of my upstairs possessions boxed up and ready to go, I finally got around to the basement. Not much stuff down there to deal with, but there are a few unusual items of value I want to get rid of. I am putting them up on the blog to give readers first crack at them before they go on eBay in about a week. Some of these things are free for the taking, so take a look, you might see something you can use. These are all non-ship items, since I don't have packing material. However, I can take them to a Mailbox Plus to have them packed/shipped if you don't mind the extra cost. Take a look:

LINK: Blog yard sale/giveaway

Mobile blog update script developments

The quiet Thanksgiving week gave me some R&D time on the CGI script that allows updating the blog from the phone. The main accomplishment was getting an easy process working to post photos directly from the phone. I gave this script a good series of real-world tests during the last snow event, and everything worked as intended. I plan to use this on all events now.

The mobile photo posting capability is an improvement from my earlier script, the one I had previously used for mobile text-only updates to an existing post. That is, there had to be a post already set up for this script to be of use. So, I created a second script that can create a completely new post to the blog from the phone. The only feature I could not get working was to insert the post info into the RSS feed - I'll have to tackle that sometime later.

I also installed an FTP client on my phone that gives me full access to my server files, however, typing/editing raw HTML code on the phone is pretty tedious and impractical. Special characters such as the carats and quotes have to be accessed one at a time through a secondary menu. So, while I can fly through HTML updates on a full keyboard, on the phone the CGI scripts will have to do the job.

Upcoming weather

Models are showing a big winter storm system for late week across the Midwest and Northeast US. Keeping in mind the models' tendency to overestimate snow totals, take a look at what the GFS shows for Wednesday-Saturday:

MODEL GRAPHIC: GFS snowfall estimates

I'll be headlining this in a later post as we get closer - so stay tuned!

25 Years of Storm Observing
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