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                   Friday, April 1, 2011 - 8:00AM CDT

Site updates: Thundersnow, flash flooding and hurricane pages; 4/1 sunset

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A quick post to highlight three new pages added to the site in the past couple of weeks:

Winter lightning, severe storms and thundersnow
After finally capturing thundersnow on camera for this first time last weekened, I decided I had a complete enough set of material to write a full article on wintertime lightning and thundersnow. I have seen a lot of winter lightning, so this page includes links to all winter storm chase logs where lightning was observed and/or captured.
Hurricanes and Tropical Storm chase logs
This is a spin-off of the tornado chase logs page that lists all of my hurricane and tropical storm intercepts. This is a complete list of all chase logs from my landfalling tropical system chases.
Floods and Flash Floods chase logs
I have covered many floods and flash floods over the years - this page lists the more notable events. There are a few past flood chases that still need to be added here, but this list is fairly complete.

As far as the current storm season goes, a few Midwestern tornado/supercell storm chase days may be happening as early as Sunday. Stay tuned!

April 1 Sunset

A few rain showers skirted by to the east of New Baden at sunset tonight. The warming air that produced these is a welcome sign of storms to come as the spring severe weather season in the Midwest ramps up in the coming days, weeks and months!

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