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June 12-15, 2003 Storm Event Log :

June 12-15, 2003
Texas-Oklahoma Event trip

My fourth and final Plains trip this year was from June 12 to June 15, with 2 more expedition days in the Plains (June 13 and 14). After perusing the Day 2 MOD risk area, I left WV on Thursday for a target of Lawton, OK, with an ETA of 1:00PM CST on Friday (with an overnight stop in MO). I made it there one hour early. In a nutshell, I saw very little both days.

Friday: drove from Lawton to Wichita Falls then west to Seymour and Guthrie. MCS to the south riding an outflow boundary kills all hopes of extreme CAPE in original target with extensive cloud cover to the north. Awesome cape to the south of the system, but too far away and too much flooding between my location and there. Stop on a remote dirt road near Guthrie and watch an area of clearing to the NE (near the Lubbock area), hoping for something to fire as the upper disturbance approaches. Nothing happens for the next 2 hours. Fell asleep for about 20 minutes in the middle of the Texas prarie during the wait. Portable chairs, overcast skies, open praries & light south winds are too comfortable.

Seeing nothing, decide to head south to Abilene to at least get some lightning video. Most everything fizzles as I approach. Head back north to Paducah, then west to Floydada to catch some lightning from new squall line moving in. Line dies out, got one CG on slide film though (below). Spent the night in Lubbock, headed back east at 8:00AM Saturday.

Lightning near Lubbock, Texas on June 13.

Saturday: Had a 3 hour, wild goose chase after lightning in eastern OK on the way home to WV. Ardmore to Ada to Dustin to Muskogee to Tulsa. Didn't get much of anything. Headed on east at 8:00PM, stayed in Cuba, MO overnight, arrived home at 7:30PM Sunday.

Back to normal life now. A big thanks to observer friends, both old and new, for nowcasting and guidance while on the road: Dave Crowley, Bill Coyle, Jesse Bass, Blake Naftel, Doug Keisling, Tim Vasquez, Keith Minor, Al Williams, Greg McLaughlin (I apologize if I forgot any others). Storm observing is difficult - but it would have been impossible without the help I got from these guys.

Most of all I thank the Lord for keeping me safe and my vehicle running on those many miles, and for the sights I was able to see.

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