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Second round of auroras dazzle sky watchers: Northern Lights again make a rare appearance in the West Virginia sky: November 10, 2004

VIDEO: Aurora Borealis on Tuesday night: Storm Highway Video Clip

TEAYS VALLEY, WV - November 2004 is becoming a month that will be remembered as one of the best in recent history for displays of the Northern Lights. Normally a spectacle only visible in Alaska, northern Canada and polar regions of the earth, this week's lights have made their way as far south as Texas and North Carolina. After a major display on Sunday night, a second round of bright aurora borealis wowed sky watchers in West Virginia on Tuesday night. Though Tuesday night's bursts of northern lights were brief, those who braved the cold to wait for them were rewarded. The sun is remaining active still, with more auroral activity possible this week.

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ABOVE, BELOW: Aurora Borealis in West Virginia on Tuesday night.

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