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                   Tuesday, May 5, 2009 - 12:49AM

April 24-May 1 expedition logs/photos

30 Years of Storm Photography
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CHASE LOG 1: April 24-25: Texas/Oklahoma
CHASE LOG 2: April 26: Oklahoma
CHASE LOG 3: April 27-30: Oklahoma
CHASE LOG 4: May 1: Texas

Update - added the final two logs for 2009 storm observing expedition #1. I figured since the 2001 and 2002 storm observing expeditions were probably the benchmark of enjoyability for me (despite not seeing tornadoes), and since at least the first trip of 2009 closely resembles the events of those first two seasons, that I'd go back to the 2001-style Plains trip log format for the 2009 logs. Every season on the Plains is memorable (I definitely don't mean to downplay the other years), but those first 2 seasons are the ones that stand out the most - maybe due to the 'newness' of the experience back then. I thought I'd try to capture the same enthusiasm of 2001-2002 by patterning this year's logs the same way.

Nice one, good results Dan, glad you had a great time. Followed it every day.
- Posted by Mick from UK
Thanks Mick, looking forward hopefully to another trip!
- Posted by Dan R. from Charleston, WV

30 Years of Storm Photography
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