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                   Sunday, October 11, 2020

Music from the Road 4: Watermark, Geoff Moore & Sara Groves

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Being a Christian isn't a constant spiritual high for most of us. It can sometimes be a daily battle with occasional long intervals of doubt and drifting away. These selections are good expressions of a common prayer from a believer to stay on track.

Watermark: Open Me Up

Watermark's catchy-but-introspective style has resulted in many of their tracks finding their way into my playlists. Open Me Up is from their 1998 self-titled album.

Geoff Moore: String Around My Finger

String Around My Finger is from Geoff Moore's 2000 self-titled album.

Sara Groves: How is it Between Us

From Sara Groves' 2000 album Conversations.

Music from the Road
1. Intro; Eli
2. Steven Curtis Chapman, Rich Mullins & Geoff Moore
3. Rick Elias, Layton Howerton & Michael W. Smith
4. Watermark, Geoff Moore & Sara Groves
5. Steven Curtis Chapman
6. Crystal Lewis, Bryan Duncan, Chris Rice & Geoff Moore
7. Rich Mullins, Jars of Clay, Burlap to Cashmere & Caedmon's Call
8. MBN Saturday Night homage I
9. Christmas
10. Rich Mullins (Great Plains)
11. New Year's 2023 (MBN Saturday Night homage II)

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