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                   Sunday, September 27, 2020

Music from the Road 2: Steven Curtis Chapman, Rich Mullins & Geoff Moore

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I thought I'd change the format of this series a little to include three selections per post - sort of a mini MBN Saturday Night-style broadcast.

Steven Curtis Chapman: "I Do Believe"

If you could see my MP3 folder, you might wonder why a Steven Curtis Chapman track wasn't in the first post of this series. Chapman's music by far makes up the largest chunk of my music folder and its playlists. There are more tracks from Speechless in my all-time favorites list than any other album, and they have seen more play time than anything else in my library. In fact, back in the CD era (prior to 2005 or so), I transferred the disc back and forth from my truck to my home CD player so many times that I irreparably scratched up two Speechless discs, having to purchase a replacement twice. The only reason I didn't have to buy a fourth copy was thanks to the digital music era (MP3s) arriving in the mid-2000s.

Rich Mullins' "Surely God is With Us"

Rich Mullins' album "The Jesus Record" came as a two-disc set. The first disc features the low-quality microcassette demo recordings of the songs Mullins made in an abandoned church. Nine days after making that tape, Mullins tragically died in a car accident near Bloomington, Illinois (about 2 hours from where I live now). Disc 2 of the "The Jesus Record" is the posthumous studio-recorded versions of these songs, performed by the members of Mullins' A Ragamuffin Band.

Here's the microcassette demo version of "Surely God is With Us":

And the studio version of the song, by A Ragamuffin Band:

Geoff Moore & The Distance: "Threads"

Title track from Geoff Moore's 1997 album Threads.

Music from the Road
1. Intro; Eli
2. Steven Curtis Chapman, Rich Mullins & Geoff Moore
3. Rick Elias, Layton Howerton & Michael W. Smith
4. Watermark, Geoff Moore & Sara Groves
5. Steven Curtis Chapman
6. Crystal Lewis, Bryan Duncan, Chris Rice & Geoff Moore
7. Rich Mullins, Jars of Clay, Burlap to Cashmere & Caedmon's Call
8. MBN Saturday Night
9. Christmas
10. Rich Mullins (Great Plains)

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