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                   Saturday, January 17, 2015

Top 10 storm chasing and weather captures in 2014

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Everybody does a new year's "top ten list" blog post these days, so here is mine. 2014 was a well-above-average year for me in terms of compelling imagery and video captured. In fact, several of these were so significant in terms of longtime personal goals that I just can't give any one of them a #1 status over the others!

Chicago triple skyscraper lightning strike - June 30

An 8-year-long photography goal realized after many trips to Chicago for storms.

Triple lightning strikes on Chicago's three tallest buildings - June 30, 2014

Gateway Arch lightning strike - August 27

A 5-year-long photography/video goal realized after many years of intensive St. Louis storm coverage.

Lightning strikes the Gateway Arch

Arch and Lunar Eclipse - April 15

Arch and "Blood Moon" eclipse together in the spring.

Winter Illinois tornadoes with snow - February 20

Two tornadoes near Jacksonville, Illinois with snow on the ground.

St. Louis metro tornadoes - June 7

Tornadoes close to home in June.

Severe storm shelf cloud over St. Louis - October 2

One of the better shelf clouds I've seen, and right over the city.

Severe thunderstorm shelf cloud over St. Louis

Marshall, MO wedge tornado - May 11

Tornadoes in central Missouri.

St. Louis tornado-warned storm lightning - April 5

Lightning and a shelf cloud over downtown as tornado sirens wail.

Texas freezing rain - January 24

A long freezing rain coverage trip to south Texas yields some of my most dramatic and compelling icy road footage captured.

St. Louis snowstorm - January 6

I booked a hotel downtown to cover the storm that dumped more than 12 inches of snow in St. Louis.

Great photos
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