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2005 Storm Chasing & Photography Accounts, Photos and Videos

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2005 was one of my busiest years for weather footage work, and I put many thousands of miles into covering all types of weather across the country. Hurricane Rita was the most significant event I was priveleged to cover for a national TV network. The Great Plains season was considered a difficult one overall, with few opportunities in May. However, my June trip in the Plains was one of my best, with several high-contrast tornadoes captured.

2005 also brought my first foray into HD video in November. I captured my first good HD lightning video that month with a fall chase in the Midwest.

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2005 Storm Highlights

December 15, 2005
Major ice storm in Hickory, NC.

November 15, 2005
Intense lightning during a fall severe weather outbreak in Indiana and Illinois.

November 8, 2005
More November lightning in rural Ohio.

November 9, 2005
Unusual vivid, close lightning in November, Charleston, WV.

October 25, 2005
Truck spins out on an icy overpass near Shady Spring, WV.

August 20, 2005
'Bolt from the blue' from the side of an isolated thunderstorm.

August 6, 2005
Dramatic flash flood on a small creek in Summers County, WV.

June 14, 2005
Close-up shots of tower lightning, St. Albans, WV.

Storm Chasing & Photography Expedition 2005
Our 2005 chase to the Great Plains during peak severe weather season, with 14 tornadoes documented.

April 22, 2005
Tower lightning strike at St. Albans, WV.

April 3, 2005
Snow devils at Cass, WV.

February 3, 2005
Ice storm at night in Beckley, WV.

All 2005 Storm Logs

January 2005:
1/1: Valley fog WV
1/31: Freezing rain WV

February 2005:
2/3: Ice storm WV

March 2005:
3/23: Thunderstorms WV
3/27: Tornado bust AL,TN

April 2005:
4/3: Snow devils WV
4/22: Tower lightning WV
4/25: Mountain snow WV
4/30: Flooding WV

May 2005:
5/13: Lightning WV/KY
5/15: Bright auroras IL
5/19: Lightning chase WV
5/23: Thunderstorms WV
- 5/28: Storm bust KS
5/29: Lightning NM/TX
5/30: Tornado intercept CO
5/31: Supercell TX

June 2005:
- 6/2: Storm bust KS
6/3: Lightning OK/KS
6/4: Supercells KS
6/7: Tornado intercept SD
6/9: Tornado intercepts KS
- 6/10: Shelf cloud OK
6/11: Lightning barrage OK
6/12: Tornado intercepts TX
6/13: Supercell MO
6/13: Tower lightning WV
6/27: Flash flood WV
6/29: Lightning chase WV

July 2005:
7/15: Lightning chase WV
7/19: Flooding WV
7/25: Severe storms WV
7/27: Storms/flooding WV
7/31: Thunderstorms WV

August 2005:
8/5: Lightning chase WV
8/6: Flash flood WV
8/20: Thunderstorm WV
8/29: Flash flood WV

September 2005:
9/24: Hurricane Rita TX

October 2005:
10/24: First snow WV
10/25: Icy roads WV

November 2005:
11/8: Lightning chase IN,OH
11/9: Lightning barrage WV
11/15: Lightning barrage IN

December 2005:
12/15: Ice storm NC

Catch of the Year:

June 9 - Zurich, KS: A perfect 'elephant trunk' tornado kicks up a large debris cloud during a tornado outbreak in north-central Kansas, one of five our group witnessed that day. [ Read more about this event ]

2005 Mileage
Winter 2,432
Tornado 11,893
General Weather 9,255

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