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Floods & Flash Floods Expedition Logs - All Photos

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This page lists my more significant flood and flash flood event documentations, with links to each expedition report containing more photos, videos and detailed accounts. These images are a mixture of digital stills and frames captured from video footage. I have stock footage of these events available at Storm Highway.

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July 8, 2001 - Major flash flood event in southern WV

Working with disaster relief crews in Mullens and Baileysville, West Virginia after a major flash flood. Read log >
Destroyed carSalvaged BibleFlood-damaged basementDevastated downtown Mullens, West Virginia
House shifted off of foundationCreekside devastationDamaged playgroundDevastated downtown Mullens, West Virginia
Creekside devastationDestroyed car in creekNational Guard helicopterHouse shifted off of foundation
Mud-covered street after floodDestroyed carMud-filled pool after floodDamaged floor of home
Damaged floor of homeDamage to yard of residenceMud-filled garage after floodDamaged basement of home

June 16, 2003 - Charleston, WV Flash Floods

Sudden and damaging flash floods strike north of downtown Charleston, West Virginia. Read expedition log >
Flood flows over parking lotFlood overflows onto bridgeFlooded car washRescue crews
Flooded roadFloating dumpster in floodFlood carries shed across roadDestroyed cars
Flooded road and apartment complexDestroyed car in creek bedBuilding shifted off of foundationCars in creek
Destroyed car washFlooded roadFlooded road and parking lotsMan risks floodwaters
Family trapped in houseCar wash collapsesRescue attempt with bulldozerRescue attempt with bulldozer
People evacuate flooded apartmentsFlooded roadFlooded car washRescue attempt with bulldozer
Flooded roadFlooded roadDestroyed car washFlooded cars and apartments
Flooded cars and apartmentsIce chest carried downstreamLandslideFlooded road

August 6, 2005 - Summers County flash flood wave

Heavy stationary thunderstorms send a dramatic flash flood wave down a small creek in the West Virginia mountains. Read expedition log >
Flash flood waveFlash flood waveFlash flood waveFlash flood wave

August 10, 2009 - Scary Creek flash flood wave

Heavy thunderstorms send a flash flood wave and attendant rapid water rise down Scary Creek near Teays Valley, WV. Read expedition log >
Flash flood waveFlash flood waveFlash flood waveFlash flood wave

June 27, 2005 - Athens, WV flash flood

Water inundates roads in Mercer County, West Virginia after slow-moving heavy thunderstorms. Read expedition log >
Flooded roadFlooded roadFlooded houseTruck risks floodwater crossing
Creek overflowingCreek overflows across roadTruck risks floodwater crossingMan surveys flooded road
Flooded houseFlood covers road

April 30, 2005 - Logan, WV flood

High water floods parts of Logan, West Virginia after heavy spring rains. Read expedition log >
Flooded homeDucks swim on flooded roadFlood rises to base of bridgeFlooded underpass
Trees surrounded by floodwaterFlooded business districtFlooded business districtFlooded business district
Flooded porchCreek overflows onto roadCreek runnning highFlooded car
Flooded parking lotDebris backs up against bridgeTruck drives on flooded roadTruck drives on flooded road

November 19, 2003 - Record Kanawha River crest at Charleston, WV

Heavy rains cause the Kanawha River to crest at record levels in Charleston. Read expedition log >
Kanawha River record crestCars risk trip through floodwaterCars risk trip through floodwaterCars risk trip through floodwater
Cars risk trip through floodwaterKanawha River record crest

July 10, 2004 - Minor flash flood on Allen Fork

Allen Fork in northern Kanawha County floods after heavy thunderstorms. Read expedition log >
Flooded house and garageFlooded house and garageFlooded roadFlooded road
Flooded roadFlooded roadFlooded roadDog in floodwater

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