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There's no better way to learn about lightning than actually being out in a thunderstorm it and observing it first-hand. We've been doing it for over 14 years, traveling extensively across the country to document and observe all types of weather during every month and every season. Through the years, we've learned a lot about the workings of lightning - and we're glad to be able to present this illustrated library of lightning information to you.

Storm Highway Lightning Library

Lightning Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Answering the most commonly asked questions about lightning. One of this site's most popular and longest-running sections.
Lightning Myths
Common and widespread myths and misconceptions about lightning. Another longtime, most-visited section of this site.
How Lightning Works
A detailed, step-by-step description of a cloud-to-ground lightning discharge.
Lightning Discharges to TV Towers, Skyscrapers and other Tall Structures
An in-depth look at ground-to-cloud or 'upward moving' lightning discharges to tall structures, including dramatic up-close imagery.
Lightning and Video Ghosting Artifacts: Not as Close as It Seems
A closer look at a commonly misidentified artifact that appears on video footage of lightning strikes.
Catatumbo lightning in Venezuela: Overview and Myths
A closer look at the newest subject in many TV documentaries about lightning.
Lightning and Trees
The effects of lightning strikes to trees.
Flashovers and Strikes to Power Lines
A commonly seen, but frequently misidentified phenomenon observed when lightning strikes an energized power line.
Lightning Safety
A brief lightning safety primer.
Thunder Basics
All about the loud noise produced by lightning. Includes a calculator for using thunder to find the distance to a strike.
Lightning Stock Video
Extensive collection of lightning stock footage.
Lightning and Ipods, Walkmans and headphones
Will wearing an Ipod and headphones attract lightning?
Artificial and natural lightning: Practical comparisons
Examining the differences between small man-made sparks and natural lightning.
Lightning Vocabulary
A quick run-down of lightning terminology.
Lightning Strike Survivors
An overview of the effects experienced by victims of lightning strikes.
Sferics: Lightning Radio Waves
Lightning strikes produce a full range of radio waves.
Lightning Types
A list of the various descriptive names given to types of lightning.
Static Electricity: Miniature Lightning
Creating electrostatic discharges indoors.
Ball Lightning Myths
Overview of the many phenomena mistaken for ball lightning.
Lightning Protection Systems
What protection systems do and don't do.
Lightning in the Bible
A list of the instances lightning is mentioned in Scripture.
Recommended Reading
A short list of lightning-related publications on

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