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                   Saturday, February 8, 2020

Ten years in the Midwest, in photos

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January 9 marked ten years since I moved from my native West Virginia and spent my first full day and night as a Midwesterner. The following is a photographic restrospective of the past decade of life here in Missouri and Illinois.

Blackbird/starling flocksIllinois road at sunsetOkawville, IL tornadoSpringtime blue and greenIce storm twilightSnowdrift natural artworkApril 2012 hailOctober 2014 downtown stormFall harvest sunsetMissouri mammatus sunsetAlbert Pujols batting in the 2011 World SeriesMorning downtown stormSummer lightningAerial spraying of cornfieldsArch double rainbowChicago lightningWind turbine stormSpring wildflowersArch 50th Anniversary2013 St. Francisville, IL tornadoUnion Pacific 844Field of DreamsBolt from the BlueArch lightning show2017 Eclipse2011 Litchfield, IL tornadoIllinois severe stormDistant storm crepuscular rays2012 Arch lightningIDOT snowplowDowntown sunsetArch lunar eclipseIce storm wheat sunsetMLK bridge sunriseFall harvest sunset4th of July fireworks 2011Metrolink platform archesWorld Series 2011 win celebrationUP steam locomotive 844Close lightning2014 Arch lightning strikeArch summer air showUP 3985 downtownSummer sun raysThunder moonAutumn lightning2018 December tornadoFarm moonriseAlton bald eaglesI-64 sunset

30 Years of Storm Chasing & Photography
Important Message
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