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2007 Storm Photography Accounts, Photos and Videos

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2007 brought a successful Great Plains season, with several memorable intercepts. The historic May 4 Greensburg, Kansas tornado was my first EF5, and one of my most sobering experiences. I spent most of the summer months in North Carolina, covering local storms and Tropical Storm Gabrielle on the coast. 2007 was also my last full year shooting film before moving to digital.

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2007 Storm Highlights

December 5, 2007
Icy roads in Charleston, WV.

October 18, 2007
Tornado outbreak expedition in Kentucky and Indiana.

May 7, 2007
Tower lightning in Oklahoma City.

May 5, 2007
Five tornadoes during an outbreak in Kansas.

May 4, 2007
Massive F5 wedge in Greensburg, Kansas.

April 23, 2007
4-5 tornadoes in Protection, Kansas. 3 simultaneously!

March 17, 2007
Multiple car accidents on an icy bridge, Charleston, WV.

January 21, 2007
Cars spin out of control on I-64 in Charleston, WV.

January 10, 2007
Comet McNaught at sunset in Charleston, WV.

All 2007 Storm Logs

January 2007:
1/1: Fog WV
1/9: Snow WV
1/10: Comet McNaught WV
1/21: Icy roads WV
1/24: Snow WV
1/25: Snow WV
1/28: Snow bands WV

February 2007:
2/6: 4" snowfall WV
2/21: Thunderstorms WV/VA
2/22: Falling ice WV

March 2007:
3/14: Thunderstorms WV
3/17: Crashes on ice WV

April 2007:
4/3: Tower lightning WV
4/7: Winter blast WV
4/15: Thunderstorms VA/NC
4/16: Flooding WV
4/23: Tornado intercepts KS
4/24: Tornado expedition KS
4/25: Supercell MO
4/27: Severe storms KY

May 2007:
5/4: Tornado intercepts KS
5/5: Tornado intercepts KS
5/7: Tower lightning OK
5/8: Lightning expedition IL
5/24: Thunderstorms WV
5/30: Lightning expedition VA/NC

June 2007:
6/4: Thunderstorms WV
6/6: High winds NE
6/7: Supercells IA/MO
6/13: Pittsburgh storm PA
6/19: Thunderstorms WV
6/29: Severe storms NC

July 2007:
7/8: Lightning expedition NC
7/10: Lightning expedition NC
7/26: Lightning expedition WV

August 2007:
8/10: Lightning expedition NC
8/12: Meteor shower NC
8/13: Lightning expedition NC

September 2007:
9/7: TS Gabrielle NC
9/22: Rainbow NC

October 2007:
10/9: Lightning expedition WV
10/18: Tornado expedition KY/IN

November 2007:
11/5: Lightning expedition WV

December 2007:
12/3: Snow WV
12/5: Icy roads WV
12/7: Freezing rain WV
12/16: Snow WV
12/19: Snow WV

Catch of the Year:

May 4 - Greensburg, Kansas: A massive wedge tornado, rated F5 on the enhanced Fujita scale, passes over Greensburg, Kansas. At least 12 people were killed and the town was obliterated. [ Read more about this event ]

2007 Mileage
Winter 805
Tornado 10,243
General Weather 3,551

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